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MoMo’s big brother

Exciting News!

MoMo’s brother Bailey (Notoriety Moonwalker at Tetsimi) won his class at Crufts this year…

of course MoMo knew him as Tommy but he changed his name and he used to bite her bottom, but she can forgive him now he’s a celebrity :)

Of course MoMo is known by two names as well… MoMo and ‘you little bugger’ when she’s done something naughty

here’s Bailey


here’s the show results Crufts show results

here’s Bailey on the Tesimi site

and here’s Tommys original page (and how handsome he looks :)

Mar 14, 2010 | 0 | relatives posted by Gary

Say hello to Kitsi

We’ve got some more photos of Kitsi from the breeder (Mandy @ Loulabelle Tibetan Terriers, Wigan) and a bit more information.

Kitsi’s posh name is ‘Loulabelle Kitsi Lhamu’ (Kitsi means tickle in tibetan and Lhamu is a goddess… oooh errr :)

Kitsi’s dam is Loulabelle Drive Miss Daisy (Maisy) lovely black and white girl with a great¬†temperament¬†and her sire is Kybo Born to Boogie (Lenni), both have a lot of American TT blood in them, so it’ll be interesting to see how much different our two girls are as they grow up.

If you look at the puppy photos of Mo and compare them to these of Kitsi, they really are very similar (which is why we chose this pup, we love the gold, sable and white TT’s :)

anyway, enough of me yapping, heres the photos of Kitsi and her siblings, not long to go before we pick her up now, can’t wait…

Dec 26, 2009 | 0 | Kitsi the Tibetan Terrier, friends, relatives posted by Gary

Exciting news…

Mo-Mo is going to get a sister :)

all top secret at the moment, but I promise to add more info later

but we need to choose a name, it’s got to be Tibetan to keep with tradition, I’ve set up a poll on doodle, so feel free to make your votes known

how exciting :)

Nov 13, 2009 | 0 | Mo-Mo the Tibetan terrier, relatives posted by Gary

famous relatives… fabulous willy

mo-mo’s grandad is famous…

he’s a crufts grand champion 2007 - Araki Fabulous Willy. (and judging by his numerous¬†progeny, he lived up to his name :))


his mum is Araki Gold Dust and dad is Araki Wicked Willy (he’s won things as well)


MO MO 's mum Sasha Araki Gold Dust


Mo Mo's dad Araki Wicked Willy

Jan 30, 2009 | 7 | relatives posted by Isaac